History was made on October 30, 2019 at 10:05pm CST. Daniel Hudson threw one last pitch to strikeout Michael Brantley for out number three. Ryan Zimmerman’s arms flew into the air in a victorious celebration. Max Scherzer grabbed Aníbal Sánchez and spoke the words with tears in his eyes, “We won it all.”

The Washington Nationals were 19-31 in May and without one of baseball’s golden boys, Bryce Harper. They were riddled with injuries and a bullpen that resembled a dumpster fire at times. The nickname ‘Walgreens’ wasn’t out of fun, it was out of mockery from fans of other teams.

But as the team’s hashtag stated the entire season, the Nationals stayed in the fight through thick and thin — earning the title of World Series Champions.

“My whole life I dreamed of being a big leaguer. And when you dream of being a big leaguer,” Scherzer said, “You dream of winning the World Series.”

The improbable team with 93 wins and a few Hail Marys in the postseason beat the Houston Astros — the ones who looked like a super team fit for October baseball. The Astros were a force to be reckoned with, 107 wins and a terrifying starting rotation. The whole baseball industry and world knew it deep down that the Astros would win it all in October.

The 2019 World Series was everything that I love about the sport of baseball. The unlikeliest of heroes were the last men standing under the brightest lights in the game. The final game, one last chance. That exhilarating feeling of not knowing what comes with the next at bat or the next pitch. Last night was the perfect example of why people fall in love with baseball — why they fall in love with a team and stick with them through everything, the wins and the losses.

And as I predicted once the Nationals took down the Brewers, the Dodgers, and the Cardinals — Nationals in seven.

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