The world of Major League Baseball seemed a little colder due to Opening Day being postponed until further with a global pandemic taking away everyone’s day-to-day lifestyles.

  • Jim Edmonds has pneumonia and is currently waiting on COVID-19 results.
    • The former St. Louis Cardinals All-Star 49 year old center fielder and FOX Sports Midwest broadcaster shared on Instagram that he was feeling sick and was being tested for the novel coronavirus on Saturday morning. While he is still waiting for the results, he did test positive for pneumonia.
  • You can watch classic Major League Baseball games on YouTube.
    • Head on over to the MLB Vault page on YouTube and watch games such as the 2016 World Series Game 7, 2001 World Series Game 7, 1952 World Series Game 7, 1986 World Series Game 6, and Nolan Ryan’s 7th No-Hitter.
  • Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association finalized a deal.
    • Without a set date for the 2020 season, the two sides have been trying to negotiate a deal that would keep everyone “happy” or something like that. Both parties are committed to playing as many regular-season games as they can this year, which leaves one to assume the postseason would be played into November.
  • Protect Vin Scully at ALL costs.
    • The 92 year old Scully’s voice is like a security blanket for most baseball fans and writers alike. The Dodgers posted a short video message from him on Twitter. “Hi everybody, and a very pleasant good afternoon to you, wherever you may be.”
  • MLB jerseys will be used to make masks and gowns for healthcare workers.
    • Fanatics, the company that manufactures the official uniforms for Major League Baseball is taking the materials typically used for jerseys and using them to create masks and hospital gowns. Both MLB and Fanatics are to absorb all costs with this endeavor.
  • Steven Brault is a good human.
    • reporter Jonathan Mayo’s daughter Elena Mayo hosted a virtual talent show streamed live on Facebook as part of her own Leukemia and Lymphoma Society student of the year campaign. Sitting at his own computer, Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Brault sang part of “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” from the musical “Carousel,” the lead single from his own upcoming album, “A Pitch at Broadway.” Brault performed the song with member of Stand Up To Cancer an 17 cancer survivors while recording the album during the offseason.

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