My true love gave to me, seven swans a swimming.

*While there will not be any swans swimming in this post, I can guarantee things were a little bit slippery during the game I’m about to discuss.

Each and every season, there comes a time when a fan and spectator can feel a shift in a game — a subtle change in spirit, the age old tale of “what could have been.” And for my two beloved teams the New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals, that moment came on June 13, 2019 and finished the next night.

A nine minute rain delay changed the course of the night. The tarp was on and quickly with a blink of an eye, it was off. Pete Alonso stood by first base, looking oddly shaped all in thanks to his glove being shoved into his buttoned pinstripe jersey. Jeff McNeil made a case with the official grounds crew. The Mets were winning. Let them finish the game.

And so they did let them finish but the result wasn’t ideal for Mr. Met and the rest of Citi Field. Edwin Diaz stepped on the bump, Harrison Bader stepped up to the plate. The save was already blown. Marcell Ozuna kicked off the top of the ninth with a walk and Kolten Wong brought him home on a single.

Bader sent a nice little line drive to left field, shipping Wong to home plate. Rain continued to fall. Bader was called out after slipping between second and third but the New York born Cardinal had sealed the Mets’ fate.

Game timed, game called.

The Mets wanted to finish the game the next night with a bang, but the results weren’t ideal. The goal? Walk it off before playing the second game of a four game series.

Rather than walking off proud, the Mets once again gave up a run to the Cardinals in the 10th inning. Yairo Muñoz singled, Paul DeJong brought him home and Jordan Hicks recorded the save.

While I’ll admit that I was more in favor of seeing my Mets win that night, I was on the fence and trying to deny how much the Cardinals were growing on me. I was shocked because I was happy to see them win. While this wasn’t the most significant game of the season, it was one that I’ll always remember and enjoy looking back on.

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