Rumors of the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers in talks for a possible trade began lighting up the world of Major League Baseball and social media this afternoon during the Winter Meetings held in San Diego, California.

It is clear that the Cardinals have spent time this off-season exploring the possibilities of trades involving some of their depth — or the abundance of right-handed hitters they currently have — for a left-handed hitter. While everyone wants to see Matt Carpenter revive himself back into the batting machine that he once was, the ‘Birds need another lefty or switch-hitter in the mix to come in clutch.

So what does this mean?

There have been discussions surrounding 24-year-old Texas Ranger Nomar Mazara, a left-handed hitting outfielder that the Texas Rangers are willing to move for the right deal. Mazara is arbitration eligible and has two years of control remaining if the Cardinals were interested and/or took the leap into the trade with plans of keeping him around. It’s simple, the Cardinals want an everyday answer for the lefty deficit and Mazara could be that guy if John Mozeliak and the Front Office are willing to pull the trigger.

In 2019, Mazara ended with a .268 average with 115 hits and 19 HR in 429 AB. His primary position is right field, throwing and batting from the left side. While he isn’t the flashy trade everyone would like to see, his bat could strengthen the anemic offense that barely produced anything worth noting in the postseason.

Mazara isn’t the only Ranger worth mentioning in a trade that would shake up of the Cardinals off-season for the first time since the Luke Voit/Giovanny Gallegos trade or when they sent Tommy Pham to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Joey Gallo’s name has been dropped into the rumor as well. Which in my personal opinion is as big as a pipe-dream as the Cardinals getting names like FAs Josh Donaldson or Madison Bumgarner. If the trade was right, Gallo would most certainly upgrade the overly crowded outfield with his abilities.

In 2019, Gallo ended with a .253 average with 61 hits and 22 HR in 241 AB. He was an All-Star in the first half of the season and felt short after being placed on the injured list twice last season. A left oblique strain in June and a broken hamate bone in his right wrist in July, ending with surgery. He attempted to return in September, but his wrist wasn’t fully healed for action.

So who would go to Texas?

It’s worth noting the Cardinals have always used Carlos Martinez and Tyler O’Neill as trade chips, typically pulling back before it is too late and the deal is done. For Mazara, the Texas team may look to prospects as well as the names mentioned above.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but Dugout will keep fans posted as Winter Meetings continue. It should be noted that Mozeliak stated last night that he isn’t in any rush to make moves during Winter Meetings, so if something were to happen, it is likely that it will not happen this week.

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