I’m a little late, considering the National League Wild Card is taking place this evening, but in true Chelsea fashion — better than never, right?

National League Wild Card — I have battled over my decision between the Brewers and the Nationals. And well, I’m going with the Brewers. They are beaten up, but after following them for the entire season – they play better under pressure, in pain and with something to prove. It won’t be easy going against Max Mad, but I think they’ll pull it off tonight. #DoItForYeli, right?

American League Wild Card — Going with the Rays over the Athletics. Mostly because wouldn’t it be a beautiful moment to see the Rays win it? A team who reminds me an awful lot of the 1995 Seattle Mariners. (Trust me.) It’ll be a challenge for Tommy Pham and his band of merry men to go against the A’s but I’m here for it.

National League Division Series — The Brewers and the Dodgers, just how I drew it up months ago. It won’t be the same without Cody Bellinger’s counterpart Christian Yelich but it’ll be a game of home runs and heartbreak. Unfortunately, I’m going with my head over my heart for this one. Dodgers will advance.

National League Division Series — The Cardinals and the Braves. I’m going with my heart and probably starting a war with my dad, but the Cardinals will take the series. Even if it takes an extra game, it’ll happen. October baseball and the Cardinals are like two long lost lovers finally returning to each other. Also, someone needs to protect Sam Holbrook.

American League Division Series — The Rays and the Astros. Gerrit Cole and Tyler Glasnow, I’m here for it. Ultimately, I see the Astros taking down the Rays but it won’t be as quick as everyone thinks. It’ll take time, it’ll be close.

American League Division Series — The Twins and the Yankees, a clash between home run titans. This one was a bit tricky for me, I have to admit. While I grew up going against the Yankees, I’d like to see them pull it off. The Twins will put up a good fight but the Judge will sentence them to the off-season.

National League Championship Series — Dodgers and Cardinals. A redemption series for the Cardinals after being shutdown and swept by the Dodgers in August. It’ll be dog eat dog, but the Cardinals will pull it off and head to the World Series.

American League Championship Series — The Astros and the Yankees. I had to think about this for a second because I’m often impatient and I don’t want to wait until next season to see the Yankees play at Busch. But putting my wants and needs aside, it’ll be the Astros heading to the World Series to battle it out with the Cardinals.

And then there were two…

World Series (Biased Edition) — The Cardinals and that crafty magic they’ve risen from the dead will win it in the last game. The World Series will return back home in St. Louis. Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina will have another World Series under their belts. Jack Flaherty and Paul Goldschmidt will play a crucial role in the win. They’ve beat the Astros this season, they can beat them again.

World Series (Unbiased Edition) — It hurts me to be this honest and this unbiased because everyone knows how I feel. The Astros and the Cardinals. It could be anyone’s game but there is just something unstoppable about the Astros. No, they are not unbeatable. No team is unbeatable. It’ll take the entire series before one team falters under a missed pitch or a ball hit into the gap. But when the lights fade, it’ll be the Astros.

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