Frequently Asked Questions

When was Dugout Dish created and why?

  • Dugout Dish was created in July of 2019 during the All-Star Game while founder Chelsea Ladd was camping with her family. After a tragic death of a family pet, Chelsea took her love for writing and for baseball and used it as a coping method. The love of the game and her passion for writing turned into something much more.

How did you come up with the name Dugout Dish?

  • Dugout Dish was originally Ballpark Blonde for about an hour and then changed to a few different things before becoming The Dugout Dish. Most of the time the most important stories come directly from the dugout and the dish, well that’s also a name for home plate.

Do you allow guest writers to join in on the fun?

  • Dugout Dish allows guest writers to join in on the fun! Simply visit our contact page. We do ask that you give us a little bit of time to respond.

How can we find Dugout Dish on social media?

How can we get in contact with Dugout Dish?

  • You can reach us on social media and through our contact page.

What is independent baseball and how do I pick a team to root for?

  • Independent baseball leagues are professional baseball organizations located in the United States and Canada that are not operated in conjunction with either a Major League Baseball team or an affiliated Minor League Baseball team.
  • How to pick a team? You can find more information on teams under our Independent coverage tag.

What is the OVL?

  • The Ohio Valley League is a premier summer collegiate baseball league. Dugout Dish is lucky enough to reside in the same hometown as the Paducah Chiefs!

How many people run Dugout Dish?

  • Dugout Dish is ran by one person and that is creator Chelsea Ladd.
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