Rachael’s Top 10 Moments of the 2019 Season

The end of the regular season has arrived much to my dismay. But, it was one of the coolest, wackiest seasons yet! I delved back and gathered my personal top 10 moments in MLB for the 2019 regular season.

10: Twins hitting a record breaking amount of home runs

While this isn’t an exact moment, the Twins had an insane season. They broke the home run record in MLB hitting 307 homers over the course of the regular season. Talk about mashing.

9: Max Scherzer steals second against Kansas City

Pitchers are athletes, too! Max Scherzer stole second during a game against the Kansas City Royals and while he could have had the most legendary day, we all know that base he took is what he was talking about afterwards.

8: Chris Sale strikes out 17 against the Colorado Rockies

Chris Sale went on a tear during a game against the Rockies. By tear I mean a full on rampage, racking up 17 (SEVENTEEN) strikeouts. It was a new personal record for him. Watching him go to work pitching was magical. 

7: Weirdest hit ball?

Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong had one of the weirdest hits I saw this year. It spun foul and then spun fair and somehow turned into a base hit. It was one of those things that leave you scratching your head wondering what happened.

6: Baby Shark takes over Washington D.C.

Outfielder Gerardo Parra started using Baby Shark as his walkup song earlier this season as an ode to his two year old daughter. Washington quickly embraced the silliness and it has since taken over the city, and now the World Series. Who would think we would ever see an entire stadium full of people doing the baby shark dance?

5: CC Sabathia reaches 3000 career strikeouts

After more than 18 seasons in the big leagues, CC hit one of the most iconic milestones by reaching 3000 career strikeouts. He joins the fraternity as the 17th member and only the third lefthander to reach the milestone, alongside Randy Johnson and Steve Carlton.

4: Albert Pujols returns to St. Louis

It was the reunion we all wanted since the end of 2011. Albert Pujols returned to Busch Stadium for the first time since 2011, and this time as a visiting player with the Angels. He hugs with Yadier Molina. The homerun Albert hit that got him a standing ovation and a curtain call as an opposing player. St. Louis missed him and was glad to welcome him back home, even if only for the weekend. 

3: All Star Game Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby is always a blast to watch, pun intended. But this year with Dodger’s Joc Pederson. Blue Jays Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Mets Pete Alonso, it went to a new level. More than 24 miles of homer runs were hit. Vladdy Jr. hit a total of 91 homers, a single Derby record. That was 30 more home runs than Giancarlo Stanton’s Derby record from three years prior. In Round 2 Vladdy Jr went up against Joc Pederson. They ended up doing a three swing swing off to decide who would advance with Guerrero Jr. moving on with 40 homers to Pederson’s 39. Guerrero Jr. ended up falling to Pete Alonso in the final round, having 22 homers to Alonso’s 23.

2: Yasiel Puig ends up in a brawl just minutes after being traded to the Cleveland Indians

To clarify, this falls as one of the CRAZIEST moments of the season. Not necessarily the best. The more details you hear about this, the wilder it gets. Yasiel Puig is a firecracker. Just minutes after the news broke that the Reds were trading Puig to Cleveland he ended up taking part in a bench clearing brawl against the Pirates. It was one of the wildest bench clearing brawls. Amir Garrett charged the Pirates dugout swinging. Benches emptied. The opposing managers ended up shoving each other. David Bell ended up with the Pirates pitching coach on top of him. Meanwhile Puig is in the thick of it, fighting for a team he doesn’t know he isn’t a part of anymore. Like I said, wild.

1: Angels throw combined no hitter after Tyler Skaggs’ death

There are moments in the game where you just know you are seeing something magical, something that goes beyond baseball. That is what happened at Angel Stadium this summer. In July the baseball world was shocked and devastated when news broke of Angels’ pitcher Tyler Skaggs’ death. At their first home game since his death, something special happened. Skaggs’ mother threw out the first pitch. The Angels all wore Skaggs’ name on the back of their jerseys, along with his number, 45. Together Taylor Cole and Felix Pena combined for a no-hitter, the 11th in Angels history. The last time there was a combined no hitter in the state of California was on July 13, 1991… the same day Tyler Skaggs was born. You just can’t make this stuff up. It was a beautiful tribute to a beloved player and a reminder that baseball is bigger than what we think it is.

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