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With all the new followers on social media, I decided it would be a grand idea for me to reintroduce myself. Hi, my name is Chelsea and in July of this year, I decided to go after my dream of sports writing — specifically baseball with this site.

It was during the All-Star break, the day of the Home Run Derby to be exact, when I sat in the woods camping and deciding to create Dugout Dish. My parents, my biggest support system, were all for it. After being completely unsure on what to write about, my first piece came after Christian Day at Busch Stadium.

Jesus loves Baseball

Paul Goldschmidt. July 14, 2019.

I work as a freelance sports writer for my local newspaper, covering high school sports and it is the best job that I have ever had. I truly love writing about sports and can’t wait to continue into the sports industry as a woman. I want to be someone that young girls who love sports can look up to — I want to inspire people to love sports, especially baseball. I want to be the woman that I looked for as a young female athlete and writer.

In March of this year, my dog died. To try and get my mind off of his death lurking around every corner, I began to fall back in love with the game that has always been my greatest love. I remember sitting and watching the first game of the season for the St. Louis Cardinals and one of my other teams, the Milwaukee Brewers. It became routine to watch the games. And in April, after 18 years of loving the New York Mets (looking at you, Piazza), I had the chance to see them play against the St. Louis Cardinals. Of course, the Cards beat the Mets to a pulp but it was the best day I’d had in forever.

Busch Stadium and baseball became a sanctuary for me. A place where no matter what kind of day I was having, the game was there. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, so I won’t go full into detail on other things that baseball has helped me cope with.

I played t-ball in a short lived career and I played fast pitch softball from the age of nine until 18. I played on the varsity softball team for my local high school as a seventh grader until after my senior year. (Which ended due to having skin cancer.) I worked with the SIU’s softball pitching coach from sixth grade until 10th grade. I coached elementary and middle school fast pitch softball while in high school. I pitched, I played first base, center field, and as a left-handed catcher for a season.

And yes, I miss it every single day.

My favorite teams are: St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers, and New York Mets.

I was raised on the Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, and Los Angeles Dodgers thanks to my dear ol’ dad. My love for Mike Piazza and Johnny Damon didn’t help much.

(I have a soft spot for the Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles — which I used to call the Oreos, and Washington Nationals. I like an underdog story.)

Also if you follow me on any social media, you can tell which players are my favorites.

I plan on covering a lot of Frontier League and Independent League Baseball this coming spring — I’m luckily nestled between the Evansville Otters and Southern Illinois Miners.

In addition to the leagues mentioned above, I’ll be diving deep into Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball next season. The majority of content will be on the St. Louis Cardinals but also I want to expand Dugout, covering all teams.

I believe all pitchers should bunt at least once. I am lover of position players pitching and extra innings. I love late inning drama and when managers get ejected for defending their team. Relief pitchers deserve more love. The Minor League system deserves more recognition and they should be paid 10x more than they are.

Big things are coming to Dugout Dish. I’ve added Rachael to my craziness and I’m so thankful to have her in my life. We’re working on setting up a podcast for your listening pleasure. I’m going to try and post the Latest Buzz each Monday. Dugout Dish is growing and I thank everyone for the love.

Follow along for my shenanigans, all things baseball, and local high school coverage — @chelseabrooke / @dugoutdish.

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